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Microsoft Ancient Olympia

Microsoft and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports collaborated to create “Ancient Olympia: Common Grounds,” a multi-sensory and immersive experience that recreates ancient site of the Olympics using AI, AR, and mixed reality.


The project uses AI to digital preserve 27 monuments which users can tour remotely via a website or in person as they walk through the ruins of Olympia. At the Olympic Museum in Athens, they can use Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 headset to enhance the gallery experience. AI-enabled auto-translation brings the experience to users in more than 20 languages.

I oversaw the masterplan for the project, which was the first of its kind for both Microsoft and Greece, including client and partner management, project management and production oversight.

AI, AR, Mixed Reality, Experiential, Social, Partnerships

Agency: A_DA

Role: Head of Client Services & Production, Senior Program Director

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