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I’m interested in organizations who value creative communities and cultural experiences. I believe that brands can drive awareness and loyalty by creating spaces (digital and physical) for connection and exploration. My background in integrated brand marketing and creative production gives me a unique understanding of how to bring ambitious ideas to life and create innovative, noteworthy cultural programs.

I'm open to consulting and freelance opportunities. I’m looking to play a key role in developing strategic programs, fostering brand communities, and building strong creative teams. 

In my free time, I volunteer with Heart of Dinner, teach Pilates, and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Please reach out if you want to chat.

  • Creative production for experiential, digital, content and print

  • Integrated brand campaign development & project management

  • Strategic brand partnership ideation, outreach & management

  • Brand/account management & client services

  • Business development, process & pitching

  • Creative resource and agency RFP and management


I am passionate about bring strong brand stories to life in an impactful and meaningful manner. I want every relationship to be mutually beneficial and will be honest if something is not the right fit for me. We can always work together to find another path or resource. Reach out and let's talk about it!

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