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Levi's Skateboarding

To help Levi’s establish credibility and expand awareness amongst the skateboarding community, we strategized a 5-year long program that worked with pro-skateboarders and local organizations to build skateparks in developing communities around the globe, while also producing campaign creative. 


Mini-docs highlighted the build of world-class parks and went deep into local personalities, the cultural dynamics of how skateboarding came to be, and why it’s so important to the community. Photo and video content from the trips became campaign creative used to launch seasonal collections. We also led the communications strategy. This included oversight of branding, partnerships, online and print advertising, web, retail, influencer gifting, social media, and activations. 


Skate parks were built across the USA and in Bolivia, Colombia, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Morocco and more. Several of the documentaries went on to win awards in major film festivals. 

Brand Strategy, Experiential, Content, Social, Partnerships

Agency: Imprint Projects

Role: Account Director / Executive Producer

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